Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its Loading Time

Time of the year that everyone is preparing for Christmas' stocks and inventory. Food is the first thing that a family spends for so our Sunshine farmers are now planning loading schedules.

The long range planners started loading in August till early September. Why? Their niche markets want the large sized chicken roasters. Not only does it look good when served, but a 90-120days old Sunshines have slowly developed that taste that it is known for :)

The ones who load now are centered on the Christmas weeks till New Year :) Their market wants the smaller sized ones.

In last year's Agrilink, we were sold out on the dayold chicks! We knew that by Christmas 2008, the word will be spread around that we did taste like "native chicken".

I gifted our lawyer a couple of weeks back and his reaction was: it looks very appetizing due to the macho size, and you really sink in your teeth to the flavor.

Know your market.

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