Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ultimate Test

September 13...lucky 13 for me....do I or not?

The Ultimate Test Test #2 by Anton and Rache of Our Awesome Planet a tour and food blog.... to do or not to do.

Pressure...this may be a make or break thing. But, I recall Cory Aquino say, when she wanted a group in Luneta, her advisers were saying it was easier to fill up Makati. Cory said...she wanted to know now if the Filipinos were for her, that is why she wanted Luneta.

So then GO for it. If for anything, if I get negative reviews, it will be constructive for me. So any way it goes, WIN!

But, how do I do a taste test? We sell dressed chickens, I don't have staff..hmmmm.....I would have wanted to do a Tinola but hard to transport and serve. Do I bring my rotisserie? Hard to cut and serve.

ADOBO!!! We've had this good home cooked style that we know is closest to your comfort zone.

Day before, the 12th, we did the Adobo. Got to Two Serendra, the venue at exactly 10am. We were the first to arrive :)

Nervous, as every other booth looked prepped and attractive. We were simple and just that, simple. But then again...that was how we wanted to be...we were simple, easy and back to basic. No frills, just good!

Soon after, people were coming back for refills. People were walking up to say that we tasted good. The organizer said he was hearing feedback that the chicken was great. A lady walked up, after several repeats...to say that our table was her favorite.

I don't know what the reviews will end up saying in paper. I got my fill for the day. If I don't get good rating in paper, then maybe the ones who ate Sunshines were too full to fill up their exit review papers ahahahhahahah.

I'm glad I did it. Thank God there was no landslide to stop us from taking the Ultimate Test Test. Thank you to Anton, Rache and Ivan...and of course to the foodies who took time to go. Thank you too to my friend Jessica, Vivian who helped and Doc Rey who was very supportive.


  1. Hi! We liked the chickens very much! I didn't get one of your flyers but glad to have found you online.