Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reason To Smile

We are so happy that slowly, more and more rice farmers are converting to organic fertilizers. Now that they have seen that by just using a commerical bio-organic fertilizer, they have increased their yield from last cropping.

It is so hard to explain to farmers who got the bad ends of deals when buying so called organic fertilizers. You have to be an example and show your own yield.

The photo above, taken at Brgy Salvador, Santiago City Isabela, shows the fields that used plainly Durabloom Bio-Organic Fertilizers. Just that simple. They didn't even follow instructions well.

Computing yields last night showed that even without following instructions...and nature related disaster...the yield was better than last cropping.

Now, we can talk about asking them to attend Natural Farming seminar on rice production by Andry Lim. I was telling them last night about low farm inputs following the Korean principles.

Now they ask Where and When! Makes us smile....We hope to encourage more.

Oh yes, you can use the manure from your free ranging Sunshines.

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