Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where Were You Yesterday?

I was still going to continue my colorful day. Started real early, oblivious to the previous night's supposed to be continued rainfall. Acknowledge Ondoy, the storm.

I got a text from a customer who loaded Friday. He says that day1, storm and a cat attack. I texted back that his resourcefulness will be put into test...not realizing that dawn really was already pouring. We have a concrete roof over our heads, so there is no noise of splattering rain.

Cleared some sections of my cabinet of clothes that will never fit me again. Brought those to a friend who may have some use for it. I not only accepted the fact that reality is I am now BIG, but also, clearing makes way for new ones :)

After, I headed towards CP Garcia to go to Makati or Greenhills via Katipunan. That was my main problem of the day (embarassing). Strong rains and flood wasn't a obstacle when you are in a truck. Traffic is! When the cars infront won't nor can't move, that is the one that held me at CP Garcia for about 2hrs.

I decided to go back and that was when I saw that Elliptical Road was almost not moving as they can't get to Commonwealth as flood waters were high and frightfully rushing. Doc Rey egged me to go through the waters. "If the buses can, you can"! There was no traffic the long stretch of Commonwealth as people were stuck at both ends of the long highway.

Problem started when I got to the entrance of Fairview. Traffic wasn't budging as small vehicles can't go through. I was like stuck for like 5hours. But, listening to the radio, I felt so thankful that my ordeal was just being in traffic. Restaurants were around that I can get food from. I had rain boots around and won't have to wade in garbage water. A tankful of fuel allowed me to have airconditioning the whole time. Laptop and a Globe Visibility kept me happy. Meantime, Doc Rey kept calling and said I should just leave the car when I see water rising. I was in an elevated area! Galant as he can get..... he asked driver to drop him at the traffic point on the other end of Commonwealth and walked walked and swam to get where I was...for company. Really a reliable partner!

Seeing all that happened around our area...Marikina, Fairview, San Mateo, do a double take to say "thank you". All my family and friends are relatively OK. I have a friend whose house got washed away and he lost everything, but his family is all alive.

Today, our seminar pushed through. Coordinating with our breeding farm, everything is perfect. Great that our chicks arrived from France Friday and not scheduled yesterday.

The mere fact that you have the time to read this, apparently, you also have everything to thank for too :)

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