Friday, September 25, 2009

Colorful Day

8:45am was the ETA, but my livestock broker said that barring any problems, he should be able to release about 11am.

Yes, our batch of Certified Parent Stocks from SASSO of France arrived today.

Since it was for call at 11am, I took time. Bank duties, had coffee at a leisurely pace etc. By a little after 9am, my broker calls and says that the SASSO colored chicks had been released! Surely I will credit Odi's good job, and the perfect working vibes we have with the French company :)

The vehicle to transport was there already, but I was set for 11am...."can you wait for me pls so I can see our new babies"?

After some clicks clicks, the chicks were on their way to their new farm. Chitchats with the other livestock brokers there as we were on the same flight with two other importers. Very showbiz talks about what's happening and what didn't happen weheheheh.

Decided to relax and spend the day with colors around me.. for prosperity. Prosperity for the shops at Podium ahahahahha.

We have new strains, in addition to our basic red, our naked necks. As I said, colorful :)


  1. How long till we hear more ?

    more surprise ,Right


  2. Some people are so hard to please :) For me, even if the man next to me burps, it surprises me...or rather it makes me smile weheheheh

    Well, for one... 6months from now the new strains will be avaialble

  3. I'm planning to raise Sunshine free-range chicken in the Bohol. Do you have a dealership program in my province?

    By the way, I have used three of your photos in my site. Here's the post to go:

    If you don't like what I did, please tell me.

    Thanks and more power. God bless!

  4. @BizMind, I can't get to your link :( It says it doesn't exist.

    I allow people to use our photos, as long as you credit us for it.

    Were you asking about wanting to sell dressed chickens in Bohol for meat? You may buy chicks from us and raise them til harvest time.