Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plan For Value

Often discussed is housing materials to be used. We always said, "use what you have already around you, stocked in bodegas or ready to be thrown away".

What do we end up often with? Tarpaulins, rusty steel sheets, rusty and precut steel bars, brittle and precut wood etc.

Ok so we start with those and make our shelters.

We have instant housings, we save the cost to buy materials and almost no labor because we sort of jigsaw puzzle pieces that need no care anymore :)

What now?

It will be great for several uses. Example with tarpaulins. I was at the farm today as we are building new ranging areas. I thought about moving materials only but then, the tarpaulin is not just old (it was already to start with)...it is now rags. Like can't be used! Being out in the heat and rains...it was literally weathered out.

I will still say..."use what you have already"...

Most important is going through the learning curve of raising the Sunshines. After we get a straighter line in our graph, and we are thinking about increased production...THEN we think about more cost efficient housings.

Remember, we didn't buy at the beginning...so its ok to have them turn into pumpkins for now :) Baby steps.

Now we are constructing small poultry buildings with wood that we got from a demolished structure. Higher level....not throw away stuff, but good lumber and roofing sheets. Actually, the ones from demolished old buildings are better than buying new ones.

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