Sunday, December 21, 2008

Step Back, Sit Down And Relax

We need those.

So does almost everything.

Trivia questions are thrown weekly to listeners of Kaunlaran sa Agrikultura over DWWW 774, for a prize of 10 Sunshine Chicks.

Today's question was : Bakit kailangan na nakakapahinga ang pag gamit sa brooders? (Why is there a need to rest the use of brooders?)

The winning answer was from Marie Almodavar of Binan, Laguna: Para ma break ang cycle ng life cycle ng bacteria and virus still present in the poultry house. After cleaning and disinfecting them, allow about 2weeks. ( So that you are able to break the life cycle of the bacteria)

True, the brooders have to to rest, sit back and relax. Let them sun bathe also :) Sunshine is great for them too.

I was texting with a client who had tried two batches of growing already in Gen San. He wants to start to raise 100 chicks a week. I suggested to have six brooders ready, so he has resting ones.

Actually, I think I will talk him into 200 every two weeks, or 300 every three weeks. Less personnel, less biosecurity risk...

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