Sunday, December 14, 2008

Radio Parties

Sure, today, 14th of December is the last weekend before the Christmas week. It follows that there were a lot of parties the week the passed, if you are a social butterfly....officemates, your partner's officemates, your friends, partner's friends, relatives, their relatives. Next weekend will be for the closer circle of friends and family :) Actually the week starts as the wedding day of a dear person :)

Today, we had two Christmas parties, both for radio programs. First on the agenda was the breakfast party of DWWW's KSA's (Kaularan sa Agrukultura) Agri Kapihan and then lunch at DZMM's TeleRadyo Sa Kabukiran.

Save for a handfull, the two parties had totally different crowds and listeners/audience base.

It is nice to have a face to texts that you receive from readers and listeners alike.

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