Sunday, December 28, 2008


Nope. It doesn't mean we got Grand Parent Stocks!

GPS means global positioning system :)

That is my new found toy since yesterday. I had been going around, stopping, parking and SAVING my locations.

It tells you where you are. You indicate intersections and addresses, and it tells you how to get there. They talk to you, sways with the road and keeps you company. Not boring company as it nags you literally to turn left, go right, stay on the left etc. Of course it hasn't met BF's u turn slots, so it asks you to make a turn and it quite shouts at you that you missed your turn. She knows who the boss is and sighs, then recalculates and asks you to please make a u turn in the next intersection. BF of MMDA of course didn't have the GPS maps in mind, or intentioanally teased the mappers..... Of course you make a U Turn and the GPS gets frantic and recalculates again.

Great stuff.... it thinks differently if you are behind the wheel or on foot. Amazing gadget. It is worth it, specially for someone like me who always gets lost and laughs it off.

Road maps are now a thing of the past.

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