Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Loco Over Coco

Whenever we are in our home base Santiago, we have pure buko juice as our water. So when the sourcing of products for Organika brought my attention to non dairy coco milk and ice cream, i lost no time in trying it out.

For several days I conjured the taste and texture of the coco milk in my senses. Initially, I thought coco milk...gata. It was explained that the coco milk derived is the one where the virgin coconut oil is removed, so you don't have that VCO taste. It is chemical free and healthy for us.

Yesterday, I had their ice cream as dessert and brought home coco milk. This morning, after my wheatgrass juice, I had to have the first taste of my non dairy, low fat coco milk.

HEAVEN for me. The sweet buko juice is there, creaminess with a hint, or ok...a slight taste of gata. It is coco milk, it should taste like coconut :) Refreshing, creamy....sarap. You don't have that aftertaste associated with the VCO.

I will definitely have this in my Organika roster.


  1. Hello Solraya! Yes, coco milk is an excellent substitute for dairy milk, particularly for the lactose-intolerant ones.

    I, for one, wouldn't mind the VCO aftertaste. Coco milk ice cream? Deliciously healthy! :-)

    Just my two cents.

    Your Drugstore in a Bottle

  2. Yikes, did I say I give the impression it was the VCO taste I didn't like? Maybe I was just thinking for others :) Sometimes, it is that oily bulk that's hard to swallow.

    But, I love the gata taste :)

  3. Frederick, I visited your site and tried to leave a message for you. It won't accept me weheheheh...ayaw sa hindi maka lulon ng VCO! detect ng site!

    Magkalapit lang pala tayo. Do you have a store?

  4. Hi solraya! You tried my "contact me" form and it didn't take it? Bakit kaya? First time pa lang nangyari ito. :-(

    Dito ka rin ba sa bandang Fairview, Q.C.? Wala akong store... :-)

  5. Yes, sa harap lang kami ng Regalado entrance of SM Fairview.

    And yes, I tried to fill out your contact form, it didn't accept me. Maybe it was my connection that day.

  6. "harap lang kami ng Regalado entrance of SM Fairview."
    - Malapit nga! Actually, may bahay din kami sa Teresa Heights, sa tabi lang ng SM diba. :-)

  7. Frederick, I was trying to use your contact form, to inquire about your other products for sale. Instead, baka you can just email it to me at :)