Monday, December 01, 2008


The whirlpool of the trade shows, seminars etc has taken its toll on me. Actually, might be the thuds of the base in the sound system? The waves of people at the Noel Bazaar? When I was asked what show I will be on next week...I replied "rest, am tired already".

What is rest in the next few days? Sitting, napping and eating junk food in the car! Will be taking Northern Luzon, east and west, all in a matter of few days. Farm visits, almost daily seminars and the likes.

Longer times spent in the car means time for ourselves and just pouting weheheheheeh.

Although Noel Bazaar spent me, I had fun shopping too. Got hair extensions, that makes me look like Mulawin :) Got these cotton do-a-lot scarf, cap, it in many colors. Drank a lot of fresh wheatgrass juice from the Merit booth across me. Deliberated on this colon cleansing drink which I will try and let you know.

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