Friday, December 12, 2008


This afternoon, Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery texted me this :)

My sis' comment abt your adobo - Parang adobo version ng chicken soup, soothing
That made me smile and happy. When Elena tasted it, she said "it was not salty. it was neutral". I asked what her neutral meant. I forgot what her reply was verbatim, but it meant that is was not outstanding nor was the taste was home cooked taste.

That moment, whether her opinion was supposed to be a negative remark, it meant I got the taste for the home cooked food I wanted in the first place.

Our adobo has the old taste, dry, minimal soy sauce just for color. Vacuum packed, so people just let it sit on water to thaw, then heat it in the microwave, toaster or fry it a bit :)

Naku...where is that saucer of kamatis, sibuyas, bagoong, and wansoy....give me that chicharon for topping!

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