Thursday, December 11, 2008

Think About The Gifts

As I was reading my online newspaper tonight, I came across Dreaming of a Green Christmas.
I always thought that one should give a give that they themselves would want to have :)

For about a week now, I had been emailing with a lady who asked me about the benefits of eating grass fed chickens, pricing, availability etc.

Today, she ordered more than an ordinary household would consume in one week. Why? She may have read my mind and advised me that she was giving some as gifts to her friends. She was actually gifting her friends and me too. For her friends, she wanted to give the gift of healthy and tasty chickens. And why did I say she was also gifting me? Because she said that if her friends liked it, they will contact me for their chickens :)

But she already gave me a good time for her emails are so straight and no corners.....she was so funny in her candidness.

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