Sunday, December 07, 2008


Ada (my sissy who started as a cyber friend in the early 1990s) led me to Facebook, w/c led me to find some high school friends from Maryknoll.

Logging into Facebook is to kill time for me, in the beginning. For about 2weeks now, I find taking time to see what's happening to them while not really chatting. Karin is still the mother hen. Nenette...oh bless Nenette is still the same! Reactive, cutely naive. And of course ADA! Ada with her baliktad pic and always fidgetty about her court schedules. Yes, she is a liar!

Anyway, today....I decided to edit my status and talk about my drinking wheatgrass juice :)

Soon after, Caress Banson messages me and we chat about the benefits I was getting from wheatgrass. One thing let to the other and she was surprised I was at Market at the Hills, since she lived at Corinthian Gardens. she orders 10 chickens. If her kids ate one chicken each, that will be for just one meal. Yup, she has 10 beautiful children. 10! My kids had a Banson classmate always, since Caress' kids were in all batches wehehehe.

Why did I write about Facebook? Because chatting with Caress led me to a wonderful site.

Mothers/wives and if you want to understand them should read this site from a Waldorf Mom. The real reason for the blog is about conscious parenting...but depending on where you are coming from, it will surely touch you.


  1. Hi there. Great! I feel great that I've found you. I've seen Solraya in one of the fairs I attended this year (ooops, sorry I forgot which one:). I have always been a big fan of free- range chicks. I linked you up!

  2. foodhuntress79, for this weekend at least, I decided to take off from shows. I love my work tremendously, but it is taxing too. Besides, I have to do some errands that can't be delegated. Your comment made me smile and say "hey, lucky me to be doing something enjoyable. the working side is the bonus"

  3. Good day! Do you have a distributor of sagupaan products here in Zamboanga? It seems that the said products is not available in feeds shops for months now.
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  4. Abbey, maybe there was a change of sales team for your area. Why don't you contact head office of Sagupaan (you can find their numbers in the packaging) and inquire who you should talk to for Zamboanga. Merry Christmas!

  5. Good Day! Madam/Sir,
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  6. jojo, if you go thru the links of HOW TO TAKE CARE it will help you kasi mga FAQs yan. Salamat