Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Time And Work

This morning, we found ourselves waking up at 8am! We are such morning people and so used to waking up at dawn to attend to various engagements. Are we too tired?

So many things are cropping up: opportunity for Shangri-la Mall booth (who will man it?), series of Northern Luzon seminars (almost daily in key cities), guestings, shows etc etc.

I thank the blessings that problem is scheduling orders, rather than finding buyers. We will be increasing our Parent Stocks for next order.

Thank you that we are seeking how to clone ourselves for time and manpower needs...rather than being idle and getting bored.

For all these, we are maintaining our commitment of giving you only certified F1 Sunshine Chicks to you. Our records of importation, periodically replacing our certified Parent Stocks from France, and visits by BAI to our farm is proof of our goal to give you quality.


  1. I wish you'd get the Shangri-la Mall booth, that is so way more convenient for us :-) (ulterior motive, haha)

  2. Hi Ms. Sandy,

    I already acquired a farm in Bulacan and now ready to get my hands into raising sunshine chicks! Where is the nearest seminar in Bulacan I can attend? As well as dealers?

    Leo (

  3. Mai, working on the fine tuning about logistics :)

    Leo, join na lang the 4th Sunday at Fairview, as my guest :)

  4. That would be Dec. 28 right? Guest?.. I'm camera-shy :)

    Btw, the farm is not only for raising sunshines, I will also put goats and ducks on the other side, and plant crops & fruit-bearing trees on the remaining 1 hectare space. There is also a 3,000sqm fishpond beside it.

    I'm planning to use all available resources on the farm as feeds for all livestocks, relying least on commercial feeds. And most of all, I will go organic all-the-way. No inorganic fertilizers or pesticides will be used.

    My long term plan is use the waste of livestock as feeds for fish and fertilizer for crops, and use the crops as feeds for livestocks. In-short, it will be a self-sustaining farm.

    I will personally invite you once it's fully developed and all things put in place ...probably by summer next year. :)

  5. Leo, looks like you will want to speak w/ Raymond Rubia (Daily Dose Farm) or Arsie of AANI. Both are very generous with their time and experience. You will be planting veggies too diba?

    Naku sarap. Natural farms close to Manila should do great.

    Yes Dec28 is the 4th Sunday of the month.

  6. Thanks for the tip Ms. Sandy, I really need advice and guidance from people like them :)

    Yes, veggies too.