Friday, December 26, 2008

The 26th

Five more days and its 2009.

I took it upon myself to make those three chicken roasts. Better to not volunteer it, lest the expected happens and it turns out the usual bad :) Rush rush, that I had to prepare and take a shower during the last 30mins of cooking the 3rd (I only used a turbo and an oven). The two I used a turbo on, was preferential for my eyes. The 3rd one cooked on the oven, inside a dutch, was screaming to peel itself from the bones. It was so tender and juicy!

Anyway, I promised myself to take pictures as the aroma and slow browning was pushing the juices from the chicken and my senses. Came the bell to alert me that the roasts were done....rush to pack...

20mins later, as the spread was prepared...the buffet looked gorgeous for let's say 5mins? The pinches on my chickens drew reactions that made me feel I was made up by my favorite make up artist. The words of appreciation from the male out-laws, were IT! I know I had a winner.

At this point, even if I remembered to take photos...I'd be embarassed to click on my chickens. Nevermind, the words and the mere fact that it made to the pulutan table, was enough for me.

Pate...yes the pate I asked Elena of Manna Specialty Bakery to make for me was such a hit too!

Did I say 5days to go to 2009? Most households recreate the chaos of December 20 too :)

We head back to Manila....I love doing my booths at the weekend markets. See you at Sidcor Market at the Green Street tomorrow.

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