Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walking Back To Life

During the whole morning, I had been getting calls and photos from Doc Rey as he was in the farm. Thanks to cellphone cameras, it helped me visualize what he was describing to me. It was hard to really appreciate small photos. Then tonight as I was fixing my desk, I saw this small USB cord marked Nokia. Yes you may not techie. Hmmmm...this might be a way I can view my small pics sent to me.

Figured out how to remove that cover in my phone's USB and plugged the other end to my notebook. did download the pics...and now I can enjoy it in IMAX :)

Now I can tell you the story that kept me excited from breakfast to dinner (as dinner was a different time with friends)!

We developed a new farm by resting it. Left it untouched for some time. The first time we touched it was when a fence and gate was put up. Water pump installed. Earth was moved to make a dam all around and a feeder road was made.

When the rains came, we paused and held our breathes again. Let it drink naturally....

Today, because Doc Rey had some time to make a quick trip to the farm, we inaugurate it with planting some 150 or so fruit trees of different varieties. Ones that we enjoy to eat...Durian, Mangosteen, Atis, Langka, Lanzones, Rambutan, Pummelo, Chico, Duhat, Mango, Kamachile, Rimas, Macopa, Tamarind, Key Lime, Dayap etc.

As they were planting, Doc Rey saw a nest. He said it was called Tikling in Ilokano. He walked the property and excitedly texted that he saw seven (7) nests and an 8th with newly hatched ones :) Over dinner tonight with natural farming practitioners, we were talking about rested lands. Be patient and it will recuperate and bring more back to you in gratitude.

Tomorrow, they might be close to planting all my trees. I can send a new batch for planting and we can get the fingerlings that are to be released in our dam that goes around the property.

Slowly developing...just like our Sunshines...slowly developing gives it character, and it gets the peak.

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