Saturday, June 19, 2010

Platinum Visit

During the 3rd Pinoy Organic Festival, what caught me to Russelle Buenviaje's booth was her sign of "Sweet Tuba". I love this drink and bought all that was left in her cooler, after I tasted the 1st bottle I got. A lot of veggie sellers that day, and she stood out because of her Tuba.

You really need to have something to catch attention and stand out tall :) It was during the chatting that I learned Platinum Island Farm is one of the few OCCP certified farms. It was about those days that Zac Sarian and I were talking about taking a trip somewhere to relax and work at the same time. Obviously, those are almost always farm visits, and we do nationwide ahahhaha, travelling as it was also part of our resting. So I asked Russelle if we may visit her? It was set for the 18th of June.

As you turn the bend to get to their gate, you have to cross a river. It was such a lovely sight. I just watched last week "Prince of Persia" and I got the feeling of a draw bridge being lowered so we can enter.

We were treated first to pitchers of Sweet Tuba and Mushroom Burgers. Except the bread, everything came from the farm. The burger was very good! It had that Italian-Indian taste in the blend of herbs and seasonings. What looked like Thousand Island Dressing was actually Squash Sauce with mayonnaise (that was store bought too).
The vegetables came from the more than 3500sqm greenhouse.

We were so full that the chitchat and interview by Zac Sarian took place in the cool terrace. By the time they were done and ready to go around the farm it was too hot for me to walk and go around. Russelle took the car to tour us around the vermi, green houses, coconut trees.

We got back to a ready lunch prepared by sister Niel. Except for the grilled meat, everything was produced in the farm.

Russelle is a very charming farmer. No frills, no airs, no unsolicited answers nor information to prop her farm.

Why was it named Platinum Island Farm? It is better than Gold and it is bounded by a river.

On the way out, I saw this and remembered to take home my Sweet Tuba.

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