Saturday, June 12, 2010


This week was spent in a basic meat processing course.

I may not be really into this processing but I wanted the basic knowledge so I can discuss our products with consumers and when dreaming of new products in my mind, I can sort of know from step 1 if it is workable or not.

Glad I took this class. From sanitation and hygiene, observance of safety (one of us had his toe fractured), preparation, packing, costing....the more you learn, you are snapped out and awaken to the fact that you don't know enough.

Why did I join? So I can understand my mind's creativity in developing my sausages :)

We have now signed up for the Advance Class. Thank you to BAI's APDC. There are good men in uniforms and lab gowns :)

PS: No stools. no seats in laboratories and processing areas. After these, I appreciate the food processors!


  1. hi. san po puwede kumuha ng training sa meat processing na walang preservatives, coloring?


  2. @ Mona Liza, I will think that you can take any meat processing course near you, then delete the preservatives and colorings. Am sure you may ask suggestions from your teacher :)

    Good luck! Eat healthy.

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  4. i attended some trainings po ng meat processing ng tapa, tocino at longganisa, lahat po may preservatives...may small amount of chemicals na nilalagay pala sa mga meat processed.the teachers said to experiment. kaya naisip ko na baka mas may quality training na puwedeng iattend :)

    may natural curing din po ba na puwedeng gawin sa meat?

    salamat po! God Bless.

  5. Check on my post of HAManok.

    You just delete the use of preservatives in the sausages. But then, you can't have it in chillers. It has to be in freezers when stored.