Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Time For Getting On The Ground

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Cong. Procy Alcala will be the new Secretary of Department of Agriculture.

Early this morning, Tere texts that she and Dante are on the way to Manila to do initial support work for Secretary Alcala. Rare time that we can all get together, she calls to ask if time permits, will Zac Sarian and I have time for coffee after work?

The strong rain late afternoon didn't deter us from meeting up. Over dimsum and pots of tea, we shared laughter and just assuring ourselves who the real people are.

Its been sometime now since we all met. As usual, started with Zac and my itchy soles....wanting to get out of Metro and visit farms. For Doc Rey and I it is learning. For Zac, more often than not, in search for stories to tell. We went to Quezon and met the Earthkeepers (search tags Earthkeepers). In one trip to Davao, Tere led us to meet Dante and Tibaw...she said "they are True Blue Farmers".

Rest is history and it started a real respect of one another....not just because of the experience in natural farming...but more of natural people.

I didn't want to miss this...over long conversation, taking photos. I was able to capture the core group of Secretary Alcala.

Dante and Tere were the major movers and researchers for the Likasaka book on natural farming.

They credit the push and spreading of their work, to a lot of support from Zac Sarian of Bulletin.

I am thankful for the opportunity of being with them on a relaxing note. We were not work, we were their break from it all...it was for us all to get grounded. Tomorrow, it is time to get the feet on the ground to do the work.

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