Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Hi-Precision Diagnostics

This may seem out of place....posting about a medical diagnostic clinic. Not at all.

Safe food, safe preparation and safe handling is a full circle of system. In my taking a course on meat processing at APDC, a requirement was a clearance of good health to handle food. You can't enter the lab if you didn't have it.

I needed an XRay with asap results. My neighbor recommended Hi-Precision Diagnostics. Got there at almost 6pm. No line, very helpful staff. The best thing was the result was downloadable the next morning. If I got to the clinic before 4pm, when there are Radiologists to interpret, the results would have been available to me thru the internet soon after that.

Just what I needed. I was able to attend today's classroom activity. Downloaded the results during the lunch break. The lab activities were open for me to attend by 1pm :)

Clean and accessible clinics. Results you don't have to go back for. I will surely refer Hi-Precision Diagnostics to others.

Safe in all aspects and topics.

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