Monday, July 05, 2010


Most cases, height is might. The taller, the better.

Not in the case of your heat source in your brooders.

Note the height of the bulbs in this photo:

This was taken during the day, but you can imagine that the chicks will be grouping together at night when the air is cold. That will result in climbing and jumping on top of one another to get closer to the source of heat and to get warmth from the other chicks. Don't smile thinking of a "group hug"! Detrimental to them. A lot will get trampled upon and result in death. Others will get so weak after all that pushing and fighting for space and heat.

Ideally, you have the bulbs at a height grazing their heads and backs. Have the wires around a bar, that you can raise or lower, as needed.

Remember that the best gauge are your eyes. Observe, observe and listen to cries. If they are cold, DO NOT wrap the cage to cut off the cold wind. ADD bulbs or lower the source of heat. They need fresh air circulation.

Just like people When we are cold, we don't close the windows totally, nor pull up the blankets to our heads. We can't breathe and will suffocate. We should have thicker clothing, but not cover face :)

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