Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shoe Away

Posted before about my colorful and soft rubber boots (farm and rain) and my everyday Crocs...but after I tried this FiveFingers, so comfortable and literally feels like walking barefeet :)

Just like being bare, you tread through rough terrain. You feel the ground. More than just communing with nature and feeling exercise your body naturally.

Have you tried walking through sand and pebbles? It gives you that tingling sensation. Here, you won't get that tickle, but you do a compulsory point and flex with your toes. You get a better grasp.

Try FiveFingers. Read more here. I think this will me my last search for comfy footwear. You can get them at a stand alone booth at Rockwell. The sizing is tricky, you can't ask someone to buy it for you. Don't rely too on the measuring instrument. Take time to fit and flex those toes.

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