Thursday, June 03, 2010

The 3rd Pinoy Organic Festival

The venue and set up for this show was simple and basic. Tents, ordinary tables, under the trees, in the parking lot. No frills, no default it went with what basic and organic really meant. The attendees were mostly farmers, which is the point of this event. It was a good convergence for farmers like us.

Senator Miguel Zubiri was there. He is the principal author of the Philippine Organic Agriculture Law. At the end, it will really be the organic and natural farming practitioners, herbal advocates and the consumers who will be guided by moral ethics and common sense. Oh well, that is my opinion.

Doc Rey conducted a seminar on the last day. Very well attended and the interest was held.

I went around Sunday morning and found a sweet tuba seller! My favorite drink ever! Asked her to reserve the last bottles for me and asked her if we can go visit her farm. She is one of the few OCCP Certified Organic farms. Timing, because she also wanted to carry Sunshine Chicken in her store to go with her veggies. That should be another post, after we visit the farm.

I asked Mr. Sarian, editor for Agriculture of Manila Bulletin if he wanted to join the trip. That is how agri friends spend time visits :) We get to enjoy good company and the best fresh produce.

It is those farm tours that allow us to know, where to get what. We really see how the farms are operated and how the produce are grown. Oh no, we are not a certifying body nor an organic organization. We are just enjoying time together with friends.

Mr. Zac Sarian during opening day.

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