Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Urban Food

Another topic on the nipple drinker....hahahhaha.....but then it is really practical and thinking out of the box may not be enough. So many usage and ways to use it.

We are spending a lot more time in our urban setting and wanted to have some free ranging Sunshines in our midst. Doc Rey started with seven chicks in May and targeted to harvest it in August. Having fun brooding and planning for urban set up. This is when you get assured that when given common sense care....they survive even when left for several days during brooding. Don't ape that. Only a vet's gut feel and experience can pulloff brooding in absentia!

Before we knew it, they were big already and ready to range :) We get so excited as we get to see them only on weekends in Manila.

We thought that if the farm used nipple drinkers...then why not in the city? Very logical when no caretaker. In smaller setting, you need a smaller water receptacle too. Doc Rey was figuring out how to insert the PVC pipe at the back. I said why not remove the faucet and insert thru that hole.....two heads are better than one!

The water container was set on a hollowblock. It was the right height for now. As they grow, you adjust the height of the pedestal.

Yes, Doc Rey also has an auto feeder for them now. My fruits and vegetables are shared with the Seven Sunshines!

My neighbor saw it and thought about raising some and encouraging the community. I really hope so....Yes, people can take care of their own for food. Start with how many chickens you can consume in a month.

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