Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Let's Play

The cages are opened up early in the morning for the chicks to catch the coolness of the previous night, with the dew drops everywhere, before the heat of the day dries them up.

We try to catch that time too, as it is a joy to see the different ranges liven up with the chicks like preschool children during recess time. There is one range that was quiet... shouldn't be as it was a large area and had a lot of trees where they can play around and scout for insects.

Closer look...and see they were all playing and burying themselves in the mounds of ricehull! Looks like their beddings are scheduled to be turned and changed. They decided to smell the sheets first :) They have the same color and you don't see them from afar.

That is not just playground for them...there is food almost everywhere. One functions best in their natural habitats and ways.

Incidentally, we are based in Santiago City, Isabela.

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