Thursday, June 03, 2010

Auto Feeders

When you are growing, sometimes it is not best to add manpower. I believe in a few good men :) Rather than add labor, decrease work load.

Such was the case in the farm. Recently we need to develop a new area for ranging, at the same time the load of grow out Sunshines in the farm increased to almost triple because of demand. As per previous posts, you have read by now what steps we took in making life easier for the farm helpers.

Why auto feeders? Initially, it was to make feeding easy. You just fill up the auto feeders and that will take care of the adlibitum needs of the chicks. More often, they still want to play outside in their range. Note that most are outside?

What additional benefits?

1) The chicks were not stepping nor scratching on their feeds. No wastage. The auto feeders are hanging and the chicks can't reach the feeds to play and waste.

2) See the beddings of the housing? Clean, because no feeds gone astray.

PS: For the nipple drinkers' advantages:

1) No cleaning for waterers. Boy, that takes a lot of time and effort!

2) So convenient to just open the faucet. Our water is from our own deep wells.

3) No wet floors too, as no waterers are upturned.

Add to that the ease in rearing free range colored broilers! Am not saying that all you have to do is sit to watch the Sunshine Chicks. You have to give it a lot of TLC for it to be robust and ready to face the open range in 21days.


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  2. hi there, dante here..

    just want to ask did you made your own auto feeders ? i was looking for the article but cant find it.

    im thinking of making an autofeeder myself.. how did you do it ?