Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As For Dressed Chickens...

....which means the ready to cook :)

The deliveries continue to most areas of Metro Manila, until Alabang to the South and Fairview area in the North. Come to think of it now, that is like a bus route :)

For a minimum of 5kgs order for dressed Sunshines, we can deliver to you the frozen and vacuum packed meat, together with eggs if you require them too.

We have varied sizes for the different market needs. Normally, deliveries are made on a weekend. If there are impromptu needs, we try to serve you. If not, you may pick up at our QC outlet with advance notice.

Slowly developed the market...for consumer awareness. The people have to know what is available in the market and easy to be found. It creates then the market and encourages the small farmers to raise them.

Because of the land requirements and the expectations of profit, the big farmers are not really lured into doing the colored free range market. The farmer's capital is secondary to the passion and advocacy to go into raising Sunshines. So we pave the way for the smaller , colored free range chicken farmers in the Philippines :)

Help us in this vision. Buy dressed Sunshine Chickens! Share the info with your friends please.

Email or text us (0917) 847-2639.

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