Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My mom had a constant companion for some Eight (8) years before she passed some months ago. She has had several changes of nurses, but a constant was her Flowerhorn. Another companion she had, long before I came to life was an image of Jesus with a Sacred Heart. She transferred residence in her later years. This was one of the very few things she took with her. She practically changed all furniture, but brought the Sacred Heart with her. I grew up with this image in the corridor leading to bedrooms. As a child, I thought it was God looking at us from Heaven. The original had clouds and angels in the background.

Devotees of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are promised of a peaceful death. My mother had that. She decided the "when". The "how", was peaceful and quiet. After which, one of the things I inherited was Flowerhorn. It was so interactive and would almost do cartwheels for us. The times we are out of town, Benny the feeder will say it was sad and was always alarmed. When we got back, we don't see any problem as she always greeted us with splits and head turns.

Last Thursday, we decided to hang the Sacred Heart above the aquarium. This photo was taken Thursday late night. We had a party....maybe she wasn't used to the crowd? The last photo taken of her in the background, as we were wrapping up "to go" for guests....

This out of town trip was no different. Benny told me yesterday that she was sad again. I wasn't alarmed as it was always the case. I knew that when we got home Saturday, she will greet us with hugs.

This morning, Tita Pilar called and told me the bad news. Flowerhorn died. They walked into the living room to feed, but found her dead. I hope the Sacred Heart also gave her a peaceful death. She was really part of the family. When you visit Mommy or Lola, you were also like visiting the Flowerhorn. We saw how she grew!

I really felt so bad. Even Doc Rey felt inutile as a veterinarian. We have pet shops and we should have seen the signs. But, no, there was none!

Over breakfast, we were discussing. Much like a meeting with our vets as we discuss cases as a group. Doc Rey was thinking out loud...hybrid...new...no real known data...he asked me to search on lifespan. I did "8-10 yrs" :(

There are patrons and companions in life. Much like sponsors. Mommy had the Sacred Heart and Flowerhorn.

My patron is St Jude. Ever since I was a in High School, it was St Jude who assisted me in desperate cases. I had been visiting an image in the Cathedral in Vigan. I am glad I was able to visit my St Jude today, as I have so many blessings to thank for.

My post has no chicken...but there will be no chickens in my life if I didn't have my patrons.

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