Saturday, April 03, 2010

Great Trip

From Vigan, we were off for La Union.

The moment we checked our bags, we decided to go up to Baguio for dinner. Met with our long time dealer in the area, Doc Karen. Discussed schedules for deliveries and talked about marketing her growers' produce. We also asked a friend to join us for some coffee and talked about future projects.

We went to Gilligan's in Legarda. You have to go see the group Smooth, that is at Gilligan's Mondays and Wednesdays. I was so enamored with their music. The selection and the blending of voices....really my type!

Meetings, dinner and music was time to leave Makati, errrrr Baguio (it was so crowded and the faces you see are the Manila group too). It was fresh oxygen, when the thought of driving down to La Union was started.

Holy Week is not my time to travel. I prefer that these days are taken in solace. This year was different. One of my friends, Mitos, is celebrating her 50th. So, it was agreed to be all together. Good that La Union was the meeting place, as it was near my work appointments for the week.

Great opportunity to practice my new Canon DSLR! After all those clicks done, I think I want to take a course in Photography :) My friends are just so happy now that they have tons of photos.

Watching the sunset...

Later on, Doc Rey comes back and said we should stay a little more on the beach as a floating Stations of the Cross will start as soon as the Sun was a sight. Simple but it made you pray in the calmness. By that time the Churches were busy with the Visita Iglesia.

Last day for Mitos' 49th. In transit....not dragged, but moving and getting there :)
You wouldn't want to see her 1st photo as 50...

Thunderbird Resort in Poro Point. It was like an Oasis. A refreshing site in the middle of the dessert. The Blues and Whites all around was calming and you are transported to a time in Greece.

Doesn't my friend Jessica make a double take for Jackie O?

View from the Resto/Bar of Thunderbird Poro Point. If you want peace and quiet from it all, this may be a place for you. No beach area in front, you have to walk to the right side a bit for a swimming area, or you may enjoy the resort's swimming pool.

A very productive week indeed....Next for Mark Floro!

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