Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mobile Homes

I had taken down the number listed on the billboard for a mobile home I saw in Libis. Called today and realized I got one number missing for it to be a legit telephone number.

That's ok. Searched, got the number right and further search led me to this site of mobile homes.

The Manila office of Carryboy is now accepting orders. They come in motor homes or mobile homes. There are pros and cons in both. If you go by the motor home, you are bound to use that vehicle without rest. For the mobile home, you can change vehicles that pull and let your other vehicle rest. But..... you are in your own world and don't know what is happening inside the vehicle that hauls you :)

I am such a compulsive buyer. If I was in Manila this minute, maybe I ordered one today. Tomorrow, I may decide I don't want one.

For those who are on the road a lot and are very choosy about accomodations...this might be an answer. Comfort has a price. You need to feel good when you are working on the road a lot.

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