Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Move Now

Way before El Nino came, when it was already being talked about coming, we got ready for it. Installed pumps and wells throughout the farm.

At present, when everywhere is dry and brown....we are developing a new site. An additional 3hectares for the Sunshines.

Concrete posts, nets and poultry wires have been prepared for fencing. Seedlings of Aratiles, Madre de Agua and a myriad of herbs are in the nursery. A grader had been booked to make dams and canals all around and culverts had been installed.

Why do all these dams and canals when there is no water around? Why wait for some obvious problems to crop later. Now is the time to move, when it is dry. Easier for logistics to go all around the property. Elevate and secure for potential scenarios. Mobilize now when it is accessible all throughout.

When you are around ricefields during El Nino...easy to find workers when there is no now is the time.

Land preparation, much like the most important :)

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