Friday, March 05, 2010

Foe or Friend

Snails are considered pests to rice farmers. They are collected and left on the road to be crushed by passing vehicles.

They will be good protein for your rangers! You can gather them and blanch them in boiling water in a drum, then step on them to crush the shells. Those shells will be good for your layers if you kept some. If your neighbors have their snails crushed on the streets, you may ask for it after they gather...or, blanch them after crushed.

I just think that it is easier to handle them whole when dunking them in boiling water :)


  1. Tanong kulang po kung Pwedi gamitin ang IMO sa Fishpond? at kung saan po ako pweding bumili ng
    dvd sunshine chicken?

  2. tanong lng po kung meron po kayong supplier sa iloilo o branch ng sunshine ckicken?