Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Links To One

Discussing the past week as a whole, then daily activities, led us to talk about certain clients and activities in particular.

We did yesterday a one on one seminar for a farm. The several visits there have been helpful in explaining things, as you use actual scenarios as examples for the DOs and DON'Ts. The seminar is patterned to fit the needs, plus showing the general picture. Even if they opt not to follow conventional poultry management, the caretakers will understand why some natural farming methods are applied and what works. IF there is a problem, their knowledge of conventional will help adjust the natural farming methods utilized.

Not just the poultry crew was asked to sit in. Even the construction guy was called to listen. As I walked around, you know that certain things apply depending on your line of work. The poultry guys were taking notes on space requirements, feedings etc. The construction guy had sketches and computations on the building samples and their own designs to amend. He also had notes on wind direction etc :) There was one more man who didn't take notes nor ask questions, but he was equally attentive. Maybe he was the one that mixes the feeds and drink concoctions, much like the marinade man in kitchens.

What was amusing was there was a crew who prepared lunch. After the buffet table was set, they also sat down to listen to Doc Rey. They were on the "common mistakes" portion. Doc Rey loves this part as he says it is easier to remember the DON'Ts and the sins hahahhaha. Going back to my cute food preparer......as Doc Rey showed pictures to quiz them, the first to answer was this food prep man who just took his seat.

If he wasn't around during the seminar, why was he able to reply? I will credit it to the fact that he is part of the day to day activities of the farm and sees the chickens a lot. PLUS, common sense and high IQ :)

My point here is simple but often forgotten in success stories. Teamplay is very important. One person can't do all. We have to find that team....wherein the members all love what they are doing and their personalities work together. Key factor is that they are team players.

Many times when a group is sent to us, I am able to observe certain characteristics and you know right away who passes the ball well.


  1. Mind me droping, are your sunshine chickens still not available for breeding?

  2. @ Dominique, we are not selling Certified Parent Stocks at the moment. Sunshine Chickens are F1, meaning first generation from certified parent stocks. F1 chicks are not meant for breeding.