Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you are from the city and have a need for water for bathing, cooking, washing and car you may not be affected by the El Nino.

For us farmers, water means a lot. We need to water the farm to produce the food on your table. You don't even need water to cook vegetables as they can be eaten raw. But we need it to nurture them til harvest.

As we were fencing a new area, I realized how important water is. Or looking at it from another point of important that our soil isn't super dry. The crew can't put up the posts w/o water. Hard to dig, can't mix cement, etc.

In an area where we thought we didn't need water yet...we did. Water is basic.

Some people think that they may range their Sunshines in wilderland. Sure you may, but make sure there is a source of water. A deepwell, a pond, a brook....

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