Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tighter Reigns

When there is no rain, no harvest, no income, no food, no income, no disposable income, no income.....waaaaaaaaaaa

That is our group's advantage. Problems? We have gone and passed them several times in the past. You see them now and laugh it off as you know several ways to get around it, after going through them before. We are seasoned entrepreneurs, working independently and dependently. Our jobs are sole responsibilities and decisions are respected...but then, we know how important that everyone is knowing of problems and joys.

We haven't met as a group, in person, for the longest time as schedules are hard to fix when you are all busy with this and others. But we stood by we have to meet is we are one. Long distance affairs are hard to come by :)

Meet we did today, over Shakey's Friday Special! I don't think we have had that for about 30 years! My partners are old friends too, so we talked about our Shakey's times together. Talk was more of small talk and catching up rather than business....but I think it is because we trust that one will do the best of their abilities.

In a few was gathered that we import next batch when other businesses are holding back. We implement new ways and experiment on some. I will let you in on the new ideas some time.

Hand holding will give you strength and pride...knowing that confidence is there. We stood up feeling good about the group and resolved that once a month meetings are set...fixed schedules.

Harder times are not reason to set back. It means unity, closer looks and tighter reigns.

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