Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Don't Let The Heat Stop You

We are experiencing so hot weather! Our farm in Isabela is not getting a different wind from the neighbors'.

What makes our chickens still range around in this heat?

1) There is water, fresh water at that, all the time. We have installed more of those nipple drinkers (refer to a past post on this) that are attached to the PVC pipes.

2) Make sure that the ranging areas you are presently using have the shaded areas that they will need. You need them too as caretakers :) Our favorite areas now are the ones with a lot of Bamboo trees, Aratiles trees (the chickens love the falling fruits). Those make nice shades, and fast growers. They grow with the Sunshines.

You don't feel hungry when you have to eat under the intense heat of the Sun :(

3) Wet their grains to make it more appetizing for them in this high temperatures.

Don't be scared about the news of the Heat Strokes. Don't let problems make you watch and sit. There are ways to go about it. Remember, your chickens have a choice of where to stay.Thank you to free ranging chickens and natural farming.

And please don't forget your caretaker!!! We installed additional pumping wells and long hoses, so he won't have to walk far to fetch water. If it is convenient to do, then he will do it. Always try wearing caretaker's shoes.

If you ask about our Parent Stocks, the breeders...they are fine. Those are enjoying regulated temperatures.

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