Monday, March 08, 2010

Get The Heat Off In The Park

Started early and got to Tagaytay for breakfast. I love being there for Bag of Beans. I prefer the original site, and thankful that is is just a short detour from the route to Natividad Farms. Now full tummies...we have the energy to run after the chicks to be set to range.

The doctor talks to nervous caretakers. But they get relieved after the pep talk from Doc Rey and their eyes give them the confidence as they see how happy their Sunshines are at their debut, finding their own benches.

In these intense heat filled days, timing that they get to be free ranged today. They are 21days and at the right age to be set free. Am sure they loved their new house when they got transferred from their brooder house. Their caretakers were vigilant first time nurses and it can get strict and rigid, by the book there...

Look how they take a peek first.

"Walking and getting fresh air...let's do this daily"

They call out behind them, "Hey bros, it is much better and cooler out here. Come on down!"

We take a quarter turn to view them...and saw the next ranging area being prepared for their soon to arrive cousins.

Nice frame from here, but we had to rush to give the caretakers brooding lessons. After their 21day experience with natural farming protocol, it was now easier to teach them proper poultry management for free range chickens. Now the caretakers' eyes and ears open and comprehend why some things have to remain in management. Experience steps up to knowledge.

Were we in a hurry to do the seminar? Hahahhha...honest??? We wanted to get back to shed soon, as there is where lunch is served.

I did say the Sunshines enjoyed their walk in the park? Ed will want to take a hike with them.

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