Monday, August 03, 2009

Take A Ride, Reinvent Tools

Constant change.... No, I wasn't referring to the CD of Jose Mari Chan that carries the song he set a melody to, for the poem of Ninoy for Cory :)

I meant constant learning. It is enjoyable to work with motivated and resourceful people. The ones that contribute and question then suggest. The type of grower who reads, asks and learns also on their own...THEN asks for clarifications.

From those types of farmers....WE ALL LEARN together.

This is a nice car....movable tractor.

Bamboo slat flooring. Posts and roofing are sturdy. You may lay nipa on roofing, or best is to have it under trees for insulation. The other ones had floorings close to the ground.

But there are several of these.

I like the mezzanine height for the bamboo slat flooring. The clearance from the ground allowed additional shelter for the chickens.

Am sure the caretaker just thought about the new design after building some and observing what he may do to better the design. Makes range rotation much easier.

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