Friday, August 28, 2009

Natural & Conventional

Opposite poles attract. Everything has pros and cons. No one thing is solely right nor wrong. Everything has its benefits. Total different ideas and practices may meet.....Those are some things we learned over time....experience dictates so.

Andry and Doc Rey are BOTH...take note, BOTH Pisces Horses. Both born in March and in 1954. The worst combination for my Leo Rat! Jojie and I are so different from Andry and Doc Rey, but then again, the four (4) of us are all so different from one another.

But, experience led us to the wisdom that the differences should help one another and everything is doable as long as the doer accepts let's give everyone the choice to select what they want to do...for it to be doable and sustainable.

Remember when we all first met. Both men had their eyes closed. Maybe it was Jojie and my chit chatting that made them realize that they had to listen as they had no choice being thrown in that company.

They both realized that natural farming has to know, listen to conventional practices. Same with Doc Rey, he just had to see reasons and outcome to accept the natural farming way. Even if you don't practice...JUST LISTEN and be open. Later, you will find you way into it also, w/o realizing it. Because eventually you will see the logics and the whys.

That is what happened. Natural farming and conventional practices may and SHOULD be merged. There will be practices in poultry management or in all aspects, that we can't throw away.

Classic examples are the followers of natural farming. They attend Andry's seminar. When they go into Sunshines, there may be problems encountered. Brooding most especially..then hygience when they don't follow the spraying of the IMOs properly :)

Most who attended both Andry's and Doc Rey's seminars separately do better...because they are able to merge and select.

Lately and when possible...Andry and Doc Rey are present in one another's seminars. Even when silent, they both know that they can both count on one another. When technical questions arise..the ones that you don't just read on...Doc Rey can show the light. When the natural feeds are asked...oh...Andry has the floor, dancing around.

Bottom line is...for natural farming can't throw away conventional and scientific ways. We need both and all. Knowledge about both will give you a larger picture to play color or edit :)

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