Saturday, August 22, 2009

Liliw Durian

Nakakaaliw when I saw native Durian as Davao knows them.

After a lovely lunch at the place of Jonathan and Marlyn Polistico, we went around town to look at footwear...Liliw is footwear capital.

We can't believe our eyes when we say mountains of Durian at PHP50 per kilo. Wow, that is cheap. It was exactly like the Davao natives.

Our tourguide, Tita Pilar told us the story of how her uncle brought back some seeds from Davao where he worked. He and a brother (the father of Tita Pilar and Marlyn) planted in the mountians and was successful in propagting Durian. They shared the seeds with the other Liliw folks and that was how Liliw now reaps Durian in all its glory.

That was started in 1930 with a few seeds. Another lesson known from before but reiterated by this sight....plant and plant and you will reap.

Let Liliw be known for Durian too! Zac Sarian featured it today and we hope noses get led to quaint Liliw.

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