Sunday, August 02, 2009

Reasons, Cycles & Solutions

Unusual that I didn't post for eight (8) straight days. The rounds of seminars, farm visits, branch visits...our normal work..kept us busy.

In the week that past, I also had the luxury of seeing Ria while we were both in Vigan for work. FB told me she was somewhere in Ilocos, so the moment I checked in at Vigan, I texted her and we met for lunch, antique shopping and dinner. After about 2days, when we both got back to Manila, we met friends in high school for lunch and vowed to go for dinner next week. Sounds we are getting old and have the luxury to time now wehehhehhe.

It was my mother's last days here and we planned for the 40th day to go to Mass and have a simple dinner. Since I was in Vigan, I volunteered to bring Longaniza and Bagnet. For soup....I deliberated but thought...well maybe....

We are left with "a" or a "couple" of roasted Sunnies almost every night. True we can adjust the number...but we'd rather have the problem of surplus, rather than have an empty store early in the evening.

We can't sell it the next day, so we freeze it and eat it ourselves :) Thing is, we are in and out and I had some sent frozen to Manila.

I took a couple of frozen roasted Sunnies early in the day and asked the cook to slow boil it. It wasn't about cooking it anymore...but recycling to bring out a different flavor for the already seasoned and done Sunshines. From the soup stock, you know you had a winner. I had some sotanghon prepared and dropped them. Prepared on the side were fried garlic chips and freshly minced onion leaves.

First three servings went to the boys. Doc Rey of course will adore what I prepared...given! I was scared about my brother in law Andoy's Chinese pintasero food taste and dentist bar owner Gelo's reaction. Wowoweeeee!!! They both said it was great. Winner!

Andoy and friends are thinking of opening a restaurant and asked me about the chicken. I told them what it was exactly....our surplus that we didn't know what to do with. A restaurant can and should serve it several ways.

There was a reason for my thinking of what to prepare that dinner. It lead me to think and though about my stuff in the freezer :)

The resulting chicken soup was rich in flavor, simply good and it got rid of problems...:)

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