Friday, August 07, 2009


Sounds like how you'd describe the outpouring of emotions or how the results will be :)

I may always talk in figures and ironies...but this is literally a landslide. I don't know how to save pics from mms sent to my phone but its on the news....a portion of Caranglan in between San Jose in Nueva Ecija and Sta Fe in Nueva Vizacaya, was closed to traffic because the can't clear the landslide. Four (4) hours of work is erased, or rather surmounted by 10mins of rain :(

Doc Rey left Santiago after lunch so he has time to rest in Manila before proceeding to Cavite for a seminar in the Capitol. Getting a call in the afternoon about closed traffic sounded like a delay. It was good...I was out with friends for the evening!

By 3am, the traffic was not spelled YIKES. It meant that I, yes moi....was to give the talk for Sunshines. Never did this happen. Give me a cooking demo even if I didn't know really how to cook. BUT to have technical questions thrown your way................can't say NO WAY and not show up.

Armed with a power point that was the scratch work of the present one...good it was even left in my laptop....,I introduced myself and came upfront with the prospects of listening to me. Wehehehehe, took out my nervousness as I already told them of my situation. I was the marketing person...shoot me later with questions about where and how to market. But for technicals, may we set that for Doc Rey?

I sit in during seminars, so going through the power point was easy. The participants were great. Attentive and put me at ease from the first minute. You know from the start if you are OK with your audience.

At the end, I knew I made the right decision to go on with the 3hr trip...more like 4 as I was getting lost..maybe wanting to get lost as an alibi for not showing up! Maybe I didn't satisfy their questions, but they sure understood that we are very open to going back to Cavite again :)

Thank you to Harbest for hooking us up with their projects.

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