Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Obligation

We did a seminar yesterday in Greenhills for a private charity of an individual. She gives livelihood then buys back the chickens to sell, to help her chosen groups. Mostly resettlement areas, a major Television/Radio network liked her projects and had done similar ones. Their respective projects are in place now, but they want the employees to be more aware.

They have partnered and Mrs Private Charity will now purchase network's harvests too.

We got several calls for this free seminar and we accepted some to join. Sadly, I turned down some as I was embarrassed to decide to announce it when this was supposed to be a private seminar.

Surely the network's foundation's liasons were there. Mrs Private Charity's employees were there. But guess who were most excited and came with photos of their farm? The blog readers who walked in after requesting attendance :)

They were not obligated to sit in, not directed to be there...and most of all, not tasked to take care of chickens.

As we say, in everything you do....you should love it passionately!

Thank you that our blog guests were included in the merienda. Thank you, but no thank you, to the seminar fee being given to Doc Rey. We love what we are doing and the seminars are not our source of income. I asked that the "fee" be given to Mrs Private Charity's choice group.

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