Monday, August 03, 2009


If you enjoyed the pictures I have taken of our fruit bearing trees in the farm....more so for me!

The photos may have fed your eyes, but the taste of the freshest produce, picked off the tree and eaten is an entirely different high.

I remember Ka Pio say once that your harvest is the sweetest ones you may eat. Its not just because of the excitement and the work that went into your farm. But reality is, the best is the freshest. You lose the taste as it ages.....yes I agree, doesn't say the same for wine :)

Now I am on a rampage to plant plant plant.

The other week, during Agri Kapihan, I got Malunggay, Abiu, Chinese Gabi and Rambutan among other things. It has travelled to Isabela already.

How do I get to harvest fast? I forget all about it and get excited everytime I go around them. Next thing is harvest time.

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