Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Duku Lanzones

Been so busy with work and relaxing...with relatives, friends and alone :)

One of the friendship trips we did was going to Laguna, Magdalena and Liliw. No chickens, no chicken talk...just eating and talking.

I did both beside this Duku Lanzones tree. It was the sweetest and easiest Lanzones to eat for me. The origin was from Thailand. It was easy to open, hardly any latex so not yukky to handle. Seeds were not bitter. It was sweet but had that bite of a Lanzones.

Literally, I stood by the tree while chatting with friends. When we had to walk further and away, I spotted another tree and stood by there!

Little did I know that Zac Sarian took pictures of me in several phases of my studying, tasting and eating to my heart's content. I hope he doesn't play on me and publish those unguarded moments.

I now see the importance of planting and planting. That farm we went to was just heaven with all the various fruiting trees and coolness the shades brought.

Exotic fruit trees are available at Teresa Orchard, Teresa, Rizal. We will carry these trees in our new location in Cubao.

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