Monday, August 31, 2009

3rd Quarter

I got notice that my Leo Rat horoscope for September is ready for viewing.

There had been no vacant time, with so many things going the past weeks and months even. We just didn't realize how busy we were because we were seeing friends, farms and travelling a lot. But inbetween and through cellphones, yes, now I realize that we did a lot.

My horoscope reads now (I rarely read, I am just waiting for a download that I decided to surf) that we will be more busy! I guess its about turnover of previous work done.

We are working on plans for our move to the Araneta Center for a centralized location. Provincial bus terminals, buses to pier, major cross for train stations, variety of shopping around, accessible from all points and we will have a more secure and larger parking area.

Our shipment of new Certified Parent Stocks is arriving soon....and we can't wait for our new lines to be available some 6months from now.

Shows, seminars, travels...seems all are in September.

The last day of August, a holiday....I am sitting in the coffeeshop of the hotel I frequent in Vigan... earlier I was around walking and looking at trinkets :). Ilocos Sur visits are my time away from time.

Oh yes, aside from social schedule for September is also full. Is it because of age that you decide you all want to see you kinder friends?????

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