Saturday, August 22, 2009


I feel so bad about my lack of time to post the past weeks. Going online is a means of keeping my sanity when I have to relax, so when I started this blog, it was nothing new but more exciting. Mix of play and work!

So many things kept me away from the site. I will say a balance of work and play...makes you want to live forever.

I was toying on the idea of changing truck wraps for the chickvans. We had changed logos and the truck wraps had been delayed in changes.

Well, what I can't decide for...God decided for me. Last Friday, one chickvan figured in an accident. Moral of the lesson., not drive when sleepy! Lesson #2, sometimes it may be cheaper to get a new one rather than repair a truck that had served well already and will cost a lot to bring back to excellent condition. #3, while going through the phases of releasing problems...take time to relax.

On the way home..we thought about eating Camaro at Everybody's Cafe. Exit Mabalacat, and we had a very filling merienda cena. Next stop was at Susie's to get Tibok Tibok and Mochi.

Fretting about who was to drive for the hatch tomorrow....then we realized that we just hatch every once a week starting Thursday. We had fallback postions, but God makes you play your own games first....He saw that you obeyed first before questioning :)

Be open to changes. It happens for reasons.

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