Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I Can Hear You

We thought it will be a long day, watching the funeral of Tita Cory on TV, the strong rains wanting you to have champorado and tuyo!

I had the luxury of staying in bed and watching TV. We unexpectedly got a rush of orders for delivery of dressed chickens. Surprising number. Maybe everyone wants to have a good roast or comforting steaming chicken soup after crying their hearts out.

Saw my sister Joy yesterday and passed by Tita Pilar, best friend of mommy today. Same verdict. Mothers planning on their last days say the same things and have parallel ideals. It is universal. Moms only go when they hear that "We will be OK".

When mothers talk, listen. All mothers only want the best for you.

What touched me most was how Kris spoke about the close in security of Pres. Aquino being family. It is not much about the supposed recall of the two gentlemen...because they can afford to get private security anyway. Kris spoke about them being always there and part of their lives, even at the lowest points. They were there even when the family wanted privacy. You can sense the devotion of that salute to Pres. Aquino after her security spoke during the requiem mass.

It is when you do good to the person who thinks they don't have a place, the ones that you do not expect are sincere.

Her death came at a time when we need to rethink, reassess and focus. At a time that alliances are formed and regrouped....Use what was captured by the cameras. Feel for what you want and need. Most of all, listen....shhhhh

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