Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Took A Sandy Break

Was I quiet?

I missed interacting with you, but when you have your hands with wet polished nails, masque on your face and my "you can't open your eyes while at it" eyelashes being can't type with wet polish nor when you can't see :) - well, that was Tuesday, yesterday.

Today I was early at AANI Circle....greeting "Good morning"! Flashing my neon colored nails (honestly, I get headaches..might be from the glare of this polish) and showing my close/open eyes weheheheh. I was telling Tita, the better half of Pol Rubia that yesterday was "MY DAY".

After AANI I went to two other suppliers to get what we needed...then headed again to the mall to get a display medium for my dressed Sunshines at Market at the Hills...shhh then I shopped a little for myself.

Well, half work/half play....

Let's see tomorrow...looks like I will be back to work. Get a copy of Manila Bulletin for Agri Plain Talk page, going to Hobbies of Asia, oh of course, it is hatching day so invoices to prepare. Have to remember to get to my printer for the working designs on the two trade shows coming up.

I really look forward to Saturdays and Sundays for MATH...Market at the Hills! Oh yes, I get Sandy weekends too.

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